A fast fermenting Vodka

For those looking for a fast ferment, a little time spent during the preparation stage pays huge dividends in shortening the time for a ferment.
Here is my routine for a fast Vodka at very low cost wiith no carbon filtering or added clearing compounds.
Ingredients ( for a 23l wash)
4kg Sugar
250g wheat bran
1 Multivitamin tablet
Pinch Epsom salts
½ tsp DAP Di-Ammonium Phosphate (available at good HBS or dee the discussion for a couple of good mail-order sources)
Citric acid
50g bakers yeast

The week that has been.......

Well it has been a week of ups and downs, as far a distilling has gone. I managed to strip run and spirit run a few washes. Had some modifications done to the DOPS so I could do everything in one run, so no more stripping needed.

This is great because it means I use half the gas, so instead of costing $10 to get the spirit out of the wash it is more like $6. Good savings :)


Wiring up the STC 1000 to a lightbulb/heating pad/element

So everyone is wondering how to wire one of these up eh? Well, first things first I am no electrician, and, you do what I am saying here at your own risk entirely. There is a disclaimer on the messageboard you should read. This is for New Zealand 240VAC only. If you are not competent or in the least bit knowlegeable about smoke hiding in wire don't do this, show someone that knows how to do it.

Fermenters and Mylar

Well, it has been chilly. Real chilly. With some record breaking coldness in Gods Own the lightbulb/stc1000/mylar has really been put to task.

The fermenters in question are 60ltrs a piece. mounted on bricks thusly


It is very simple. The light is a 150w and simply sits on the concrete. The fermenter is then placed on top of the bricks.

Potato..... Yep, no kidding

Looks like he has been on the piss.......

You might think I was going to talk about making Vodka, I'm not.


The humble potato, so I have found, can really change the quality of the spirit you are making. Here is a sort method of how to use them.

1) Get a few medium potato's, or, one large one. Not James and the Giant Peach large because then you wouldn't be able to fit it into a pot. Unless you had a really really big pot. Which I suppose some people who have a fondness for such things may.

EDOPS Control Panel


Well the control panel is looking a little more like it could control the EDOPS. It is pretty simple at the moment, from left to right......

1) Ammeter, donated by a distilling legend to me. Thanks!

2) 10000w scr to run one of the 3Kw elements.

3) On/Off for the second of the 3Kw elements.




Well the Heat controller turned up on the doorstep today, so it is hooked up and we will see how it goes. I have it set for 27 Deg C and it will go a degree either side of that.

I will monitor it over the next few days to see how it goes with the space blanket then write up a report on it. In the meantime, here's a wiring diagram.....



UJ Whiskey Stip Run and Controller test

Another short vid, a stripping run this time.
An Uncle Jessies Simple Sour Mash.  With 1kg kibbled maize, 1kg malted barley, 200g kibbled rye and 4 wheatbix.
This is the 2nd generation, so the first sour mash (with backset).
I'm also running this through my new voltage controller for the first time.  It worked a treat!

An easy mod for the HBS stills.

Most of the HBS stills work on a cooling management system whereby you must regulate the water flow to adjust temperatures.
The problem with these is that even a minor change in water pressure can affect the operation.
Unless the household supply is rock steady, a toilet flushing, washing machine filling or a tap being run elsewhere in the house will cause a drop in pressure - many a shower user will have felt the consequences of that.

I came up with an easy solution.