Keeping your fermenters warm......

So this is about version or something, anyways, it has been a long process to move the fermenters out of the house and into the workshop when it is so bloody cold out. So, how do we do it, how do we keep them at a nice toasty 24 - 28 Deg C?


The following is just a short little clip about where we are up to at the moment. The controller, which is unconventional, will be swapped out for a STC-1000 of ebay.


As the project advances I will add more to it :)



Inline Thumper

The inline on it's side..........

Well, the results are in, it is a hit.


I have used this for a number of strip runs now. It has been charged with water. It has indeed lifted the ABV of everything that I have thrown at it. My numbers used to sit at about 50-55% with the DOPS, now they are consistantly hitting over 60%.


It will be interesting to see what happens with a few spirit runs charged with feints, I think then it will really come into it's own.