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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Although I am not big on these occasions myself, seeing as they are now so commercialised it always seems to be the thing to say.


I don't mean it.


I am just saying it to be polite. :)


I am a bit like that sometimes. But enough of the fake season cheerings........


I was looking through my computer and found something I had written about three years ago before the site even existed, and, I thought it may be of some interest for some to have a look at, so without further a do, here it is........



The Booze Traveler in New Zealand......the full show

 Well, I finaly tracked down a version of the whole show. It was a really neat episode that had some intersting interpretation about NZ in there. Athough I though Jack and his team did a really great job.


You can see me in there with my still at aboiut the 27 minute mark. I am the bloke that says -fuck- alot :-) 


A bunch of runs

Hey, constant reader, thanks for coming back......
I am just copy and pasting a bunch of runs and my notes. It may be helpful to someone.
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15:02 – clean gear, get ready for strip tonight.
16:28 – Finished Thermo in DOPS
16:51 - +19ltrs in boiler
17:15 - +19 ltrs in boiler, thumper charged with water.
18:32 – Flame on.
18:37 – Check condenser AOK.
Boiler temp = 20 Deg C

Finaly another blog of questionable quality.....

I haven't been doing much on the site lately, nor with the distilling. The messageboard stays busy as usual and there is plenty of good information there for people who have a spirit of adventure.


The week that has been.......

Well it has been a week of ups and downs, as far a distilling has gone. I managed to strip run and spirit run a few washes. Had some modifications done to the DOPS so I could do everything in one run, so no more stripping needed.

This is great because it means I use half the gas, so instead of costing $10 to get the spirit out of the wash it is more like $6. Good savings :)



Today i went to the shop and bought a few lemons from a lady who was wearing a flowery dress and I says to her "that is a nice flowery dress you have on" and she says back "thanks mr" and I bought the lemons and came home and my cat meowed.