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All Grain No sugar No malt

After much deliberation I decided to have a crack at an all grain run.
They key here is a set of liquid enzymes on which I have just got my Teddy paws.
2 kg of cracked feed corn (maize)  milled to a fine flour.
In a big pot  put 5 litres of COLD water  and 1.2ml of the amylase enzyme.
Slowly added the corn stirring to avoid lumps. pH was around 6.0
Normally this much corn would turn into a glue like porridge at about 60 C  however thanks to the enzyme it stayed nice and liquid right through

A fast fermenting Vodka

For those looking for a fast ferment, a little time spent during the preparation stage pays huge dividends in shortening the time for a ferment.
Here is my routine for a fast Vodka at very low cost wiith no carbon filtering or added clearing compounds.
Ingredients ( for a 23l wash)
4kg Sugar
250g wheat bran
1 Multivitamin tablet
Pinch Epsom salts
½ tsp DAP Di-Ammonium Phosphate (available at good HBS or dee the discussion for a couple of good mail-order sources)
Citric acid
50g bakers yeast