Fermenters and Mylar

Well, it has been chilly. Real chilly. With some record breaking coldness in Gods Own the lightbulb/stc1000/mylar has really been put to task.

The fermenters in question are 60ltrs a piece. mounted on bricks thusly


It is very simple. The light is a 150w and simply sits on the concrete. The fermenter is then placed on top of the bricks.

The STC1000 turns the light on and off with a set point of 24.5 Deg C. So it actually moves between 23 and 25 Deg C over the course of a cycle.

I have one of these covered with a mylar blanket, just your simple survival blanket that can be found online or in camping stores and the like.



Even with the ambient temps approaching 0 Dec C it is still cycling slowly and retaining the heat no problem. So a sure fire way to keep your fermenter at the right temp during winter for very little expense.


You will need;

1) A fermenter

2) Three bricks

3) A lightbulb and batton holder

4) Some power cable

5) A plug

6) A STC1000 power controller.


In the next article I will show you how to put it all together.


I am also going to wire up an Arduino with some temp sensors to log the difference between having and not having the mylar in the future, I am just waiting for the bits and pieces to arrive....... So then we will be able to see what a difference these great little blankets can make.



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