Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Although I am not big on these occasions myself, seeing as they are now so commercialised it always seems to be the thing to say.


I don't mean it.


I am just saying it to be polite. :)


I am a bit like that sometimes. But enough of the fake season cheerings........


I was looking through my computer and found something I had written about three years ago before the site even existed, and, I thought it may be of some interest for some to have a look at, so without further a do, here it is........




Welcome to a world of home distillery.


You know, here in New Zealand, it is legal to still our own hooch for personal use. We are very privileged in this regard as there are very few places worldwide where this is allowed. It could be legal in some place like Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan or some other stan, because I don't think that they have any laws in those places anyway.


But more to the point, we can! We do not have to hide the fact that this is what we do from anyone.


I have spent some time upon the Internet, browsing through amateur distilling sites, such as,,, and so on and so forth. To tell you the truth, all of these sites are amazing and have very knowledgeable people who freely share their amateur and commercial expertise in this field. For a novice distiller, one, if not all of these sites should be looked at in order to further your distilling knowledge.


What I don't quite understand although, is the current lack of enthusiasm by our own great nation to emulate and also be at the forefront of this unique opportunity that we have here.


I think that many of these gifted people off the sites I have mentioned would give their right arms to be able to do what they do, and what we can do, without fear of the law.


As I look around the usual haunts, such as trademe and the local HBS, I find it somewhat disturbing that kiwis really know very little about home distillation. Of course, they have all been sucked into the 'turbo yeast' phenomenon, which, perhaps, would have been more aptly named 'turbo dollars'.


In free enterprise, the best is only the best until something more fancy comes along, which, as it usually does, has a higher price tag.


Little do the larger percentage of New Zealand home brewers and distillers know, that these things are really just gimmicks orchestrated to remove our hard earned money from our pockets.


There is a better, and, safer, way of doing this.


My vision for this site is to give us kiwis the chance to do this. Also, I am out to make a quid, but I am out to do it decently and honestly.


I am not a particularly gifted technological person, so you may have to bear with me while I continually set this website up.


There are some forums, which, as, and if, they progress will change as is the nature of these things.


I have a blog, that I attempt to write sometimes.


There are some pages with some of the things that I think are important for people to know, upon which you may comment if you feel I am being unduly harsh, which, some of you undoubtably will.


And..... some other stuff.


I think it prudent to mention, I am the kind of fellow that says it as I see it, some people can find this adversarial because I am not wearing kiddy gloves with which to handle them. In the main it is never my objective to insult people for no good reason, but if you happen to be an easily offended type, you may find the going...errrrr....challenging."


So there you have it, hope the stilling is going well :)

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