NZHD, the new Black

Feijoa Bathtub

If you are new to the site, go to the messageboard and sign up, that is where it is at :) I have not had a chance to update any information over the last few weeks, so the main site is a bit static at present. Not so the messageboard, it is filled with fun loving hoolaganisim. See you there :) (Inglishill edit 18 July 2015)

There is a new messageboard up, hit the messageboard tab in the main menu here :)

Unfortunately you have to sign up again, click on the link above and sign up there, I have had terrible issues getting the old one back. Hopefully in the future we should be able to migrate the information but that will take some time.

So I have put this site up in front of the messageboard so that we can take the best bits of information and have them ordered nicely so that people don't have to wade through a gazillion messageboard posts. We could also do some blogging and article writing and boring shit like that. I really don't know yet, all I know is that something will come of it and its membership.


I don't know if you can sign up to this site, but if you can you may as well, the first thirty non spam members get free memberships.


Well, I will put this up and we will see how it all goes.a bit of playing about with the site so it may be a bit strange for a while...


PS: I am doing


Thanks for your patience,




Oh, I put a picture of a bathtub of Feijoa to see if it works. Hopefully better than the Feijoa Brandy!

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