Thermometer in the DOPS

Why are they always on there side?

Well, you can't use a thermometer to run a still, simple. The boiler is going to boil at whatever it is going to boil at and nothing apart from the reduction in alcohol to, well, everything else is in the boiler relationship is going to change that!


When I first started stilling some years ago I made this monsterous still that had not just one, but, two thermos, and I used to watch them like a hawk thinking the meant something important. I used to sit there and nod at them as if I understood what I was doing. I didn't, the pure fact that I thought it meant something proved that I was a novice.


So, I hear you ask, why do you want a thermometer in your DOPS then? Well, I had a rum wash stall on me the other day right, I mean this think had a SG of 1.14, wouldn't budge, didn't move, gave it all the flash treatment and not a budgie. So I thought I would run it none the less. I would have expected a yeild of may 10 odd litres from a strip out of a fifty lire ferment. I got about four and a half. Not what I was hoping for. But anyway, that is a story for another day.....


The thing is, a thermometer that is BELOW the liquid level in a boiler could tell you two things.

1) The ABV of the wash as it starts to boil

2) When the wash is depleted of alcohol.


These are some pretty handy things to know, I would have known early on in the bit that yes, my rum had stalled as soon as I saw the boiling point, and yes, I know we can all use an alcometer, but to have a nice big pretty dial that I can glance at and say "It's done!" just tickles my fancy :)



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