Wiring up the STC 1000 to a lightbulb/heating pad/element

So everyone is wondering how to wire one of these up eh? Well, first things first I am no electrician, and, you do what I am saying here at your own risk entirely. There is a disclaimer on the messageboard you should read. This is for New Zealand 240VAC only. If you are not competent or in the least bit knowlegeable about smoke hiding in wire don't do this, show someone that knows how to do it.

Man, I hate it how you have to cover your ass for every little thing these days, just use your common sense and be done with it I say, but no, all to often people are not willing to take responsibility for themselves and would rather shove it off to someone else. I mean if you can not be responsible for your own life, how on earth do you expect someone else to be? Anyway, enough ranting, lets get into it.

Here is the STC-1000 on the bench. I was going to try and draw some pretty lines and shit to make this a bit easier but my drawing program wouldn't do it, so suck it up buttercup and take it for what it is.



If you have one of these in front of you this should be real easy. Undo the little plastic cover on the back by undoing the central phillips screw. This is looking from the top with the display facing away from you. there are four groups of two screws surrounded by green plastic. We are only interested in the first and the third group, pins 1 & 2, 5 & 6.This is because for this excercise we are only interested in the heating function and not the cooling one.

First things first grab a lead with as plug on the end (next time you are at the recycling whip one off a fridge or something) and cut it in half. Take note of which is which, because you need to get the right bit on the right side. Take one end of each of the two peices and strip them back like this.

Take the earths first, the green and yellow and put them into a strip connector before you do anything else! I fold the ends of the wire over when I do this.


Then put both the ends into a strip connector.

Take the two neutral wires and twist them together

Then grab a short length of wire to use as the jumper, which will be explained shortly. Strip it back as illustrated.

This jumper then gets twisted together with the remaining wire from the PLUG side.

You can now go ahead and connect the blue wires to pin one. Simply unscrew the screw and as you are looking at the back of the stc-1000 you will see this opens the little wire clamp. Push the wires in there so that they are not bared and do the screw back up.

You can now put the remaining twisted wire into pin 2, directly next to the blue wire in the same way.

Now take the other end of the remaining wire that is coming out of pin 2 and screw it into pin 5.

The remaining wire, which is the one that is on the lead that will go to the lightbulb is screwed into pin 6

This is now a temp switched phase. The remaining end, in this example is hooked up to a light batton holder so that a lightbulb can be screwed in, but it could also be wired up to other things as well.... This is how I did this bit

Then once the temp was set on the STC-1000, hey presto, it cycles on and off.....


So put this under your bricks, throw some Mylar around the fermenter and you are set for chilly NZ winters :)



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